A crown is sometimes termed a "cap" or a "jacket." A crown will restore a broken, heavily filled or cracked tooth to its original size, shape and tooth color. A crown may be recommended after root canal therapy has been completed, as the tooth tends to become brittle and is more apt to fracture. A crown can strengthen and protect the remaining tooth structure and improve the appearance of your teeth. With the advances in technology we now have the ability to build these crowns with no metal present at all.

Crowns are used for a variety of purposes:
1) To strengthen a damaged tooth (from decay or previous old restorations)
2) To protect a tooth that has had a root canal treatment
3) For purely esthetic reasons

Fitting A Crown Requires Two Appointments

During your first visit, the tooth is prepared for the crown, an impression of the tooth is taken, and a temporary crown is placed over the tooth. At the subsequent visit, the temporary crown is removed and the final crown is fitted and adjusted and cemented into place.

First Visit: Preparation of the Tooth

In preparing a tooth for a crown, some of the tooth above the gumline is removed to create a foundation for the crown. A temporary crown will be placed on the tooth during the initial visit while the new permanent crown is being created.

Second Visit: Completion of Treatment
(Same day service is available).

The permanent crown is created to match the characteristics of your mouth; color, size, shape, etc. and fitted upon your return visit. The temporary crown is removed and the temporary cement is cleaned from the prepared tooth. The crown is then fitted, adjusted and permanently cemented into place. The result is a Beautiful Smile!